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Empire:Rome Rising


Attention! Empire: Roman Rising' s hacking tool has been lately falsified, don't trust it. Our development team has already made sure there isn't any hacking danger, play without worries.
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Forge an empire to stand the test of time in Empire: Rome Rising. Transform your small city into a major power and test yourself against players from around the globe. Help Rome rise again using your strategy, courage and diplomacy. Can you build an empire to take on the world?
 Construct and upgrade your buildings and defenses. Build a city for the ages and choose your own path to world domination.
 Raise huge armies that can defend your empire and defeat your opponents. Build up your army with over 20 different unit types, each with their own attributes and upgradeable features.
 Train and upgrade your Hero and they will lead your troops into battle. Use Gems and Special Items to provide your Hero with special weapons and skills.
 Use diplomacy to create alliances and work together with your allies to emerge victorious from battle.
 Conduct scientific and technological research to advance your civilization and to help your people prosper. Collect resources and and trade to increase your power.
 Upgrade Skills and Tactics to give your army the edge over your rivals.
 Conquer and occupy new provinces to help your empire will flourish.
 Chat with any player in the game, wherever they may be. Use Alliance Chat to strategize with your allies and co-ordinate attacks. Plan your next steps toward supremacy!
 Watch your battles play out in real-time on the world map.